Zinc Prevents Acne Scars Immediately

Zinc is often a neglected vitamin, which is fine if your not having repetitive skin damage causing pitting and scarring. Zinc prevents acne scars and is vital in two aspects relating to your overall health and well being. Firstly, one of the most well known benefits of zinc is its beneficial involvement in tissue repair. This is the most important reason for an acne suffer to take zinc as the potential damage caused by acne scarring and pitting are quite difficult to reverse but very easy to prevent. Through taking zinc, your pimples caused by acne will heal at a faster rate thus preventing scar tissue from forming the characteristic acne pitting. It is crucial that you take zinc as soon as possible as it will have immediate positive effects in preventing scarring.

The second benefit of zinc is its anti-microbial properties especially in relation to the gastro-intestinal tract. For further information on the cause of acne by the gastro-intestinal tract read my short article here. Below is an excellent summary of the role of zinc with the immune system as stated by


“Zinc salts are effective against pathogens in direct application. Gastrointestinal infections are also strongly attenuated by ingestion of zinc, and this effect could be due to direct antimicrobial action of the zinc ions in the GI tract, or to absorption of the zinc and re-release from immune cells (all granulocytes secrete zinc) or both.

The direct effect of zinc (as in lozenges) on bacteria and viruses is also well-established, and has been used since at least 2000 BC, from when zinc salts in palliative salves are documented. However, exactly how to deliver zinc salts against pathogens without injuring one’s own tissues is still being investigated.” It is highly recommended that you begin taking at least 50mg (no mor than 100mg) per day of zinc to prevent acne scarring before it occurs irreversibly. You can purchase it at your local pharmacy. Wherever you purchase it, save yourself the grief of scarring and begin taking the inexpensive acne scarring treatment zinc supplements as soon as possible.

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