What is Acne?

What is acne?

It is a skin condition that mostly affects the young. Parts of the body like the face, chest and back tend to produce oil and acne appears on these areas. Although physiologically the condition is not very serious, it could have psychological implications on those affected by it. Self-confidence and self-esteem could reach a low ebb leading to social withdrawal and depression. And without timely treatment it could cause disfiguring scars that further worsens the situation. So the aim of the treatment for acne is to prevent these unsightly scars.What causes acne? Sometimes cells flake inside the hair follicles producing a plug. When it ruptures the oil and other debris they contain spill onto the skin causing inflammation. Certain bacteria and hormones could do it. But all acne are not inflammatory, there are non-inflammatory ones too.Pressure on the affected parts can aggravate the condition. Medicines containing iodides or bromides could cause it. It can be occupational too as when one is exposed to industrial formulations like cutting oil.

Acne could appear in various forms like pimples, zits, skin blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, comedo, comedones, papules, pustules etc.,

There are many fallacies connected with this condition. We hear people say that it is due to a lack of proper washing. Dirt cannot cause acne. Neither could fried foods or chocolate.

What should be the treatment for this ungainly condition? Daily washing to remove the surfeit of oil is indicated. Scrubbing is of no help as it can only make things worse. Acne medication and cleansers can be helpful too but most cosmetics are not of any help for they can be as bad as scrubbing. But the real aim of the treatment for acne is to prevent the unsightly scars it produces.If pustules or cysts are present, applying hot compresses is of help. But one should under no circumstances squeeze or pinch them. For blackheads, deep cleaning pores by undergoing facials can also be of help.

Happily, acne that is the bane of teenagers disappears as one gets older. One grows out of the effects like the scars and the depressions.

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