Teenage Acne Summary

Teenage Acne Summary: Teenagers are more susceptible to acne development. One of the causes is attributed to the diet which consists mainly of `simple’ carbohydrates. This `simple’ carbohydrate diet eventually causes nutritional deficiency in the teenagers body leading to the thickening of oil in sebaceous gland and finally resulting into formation of teenage acne.

There are simple steps suggested for teenagers by which they can eliminate formation of teenage acne. They are 1- simply avoid `simple’ carbohydrate foods; 2- drink plenty of water; 3- stop irritating skin and 4- put the nutrients back into your body.

However, the medical treatment of teenage acne remains to vary from topical to oral and laser covering benzoyl peroxide, azelaic acid, retinoids, first, second and third antibacterials to isotretinoin and long pulsed-pulsed dye laser mediated photodynamic therapy which is found to be the most effective therapy.

The other cause of teenage acne in adolescent girls and boys could be attributed to genetic factors. Hyperandrogenism in adolescent girls for which oral contraceptives, glucocorticoids and antiandrogens are the treatments offered and the testosterone levels in adolescent boys for which administration of estrogenic hormones is suggested.

Nevertheless, positive association of milk intake and teenage acne has also been reported which is hypothesized to be due to presence of hormones and bioactive molecules in milk.

Thus, it is yet to be proved that whether there exists any co-relation between hormones in milk and hormones in body of teenagers leading to formation of acne.

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