Teenage Acne and Dietary Dairy Intake

Teenage Acne and Dietary Dairy Intake: There has been a long felt need for a `down-to-earth’ manual discussing the cause, clinical course, the manifestations and management of `teenage acne’ not just for the average person unfamiliar with medical terms but also for the dermatologist, the pediatrician and the general practitioner who all too often cannot find ample time to discuss all phases of skin care with the patients [1].

The research studies have found that there is a positive association between acne and intake of total milk and skim milk. It was hypothesized that the association of acne with milk may be because of presence of hormones and bioactive molecules in milk [2].

Acne is a chronic disease of the sebaceous follicles. Acne can occur three times in a human life, as a neonate, teenager or young adult and as an older person following sun damage. Acne is genetic. There are many aggravating factors, it is a genetic problem brought on by hormones. Neonatal acne can begin at birth from the mother’s hormone especially in the male infants because of the testosterone produced by the testes. After birth there is rapid reduction in the maternal hormone and consequently the level of testosterone. The acne that occurs right after birth on the center of the face migrates in a typical fashion across the cheeks and onto the jaw line but usually disappears by 6 months of age.

The problem will only return during the teenage years, especially in boys, although girls may have similar problems, there is usually less severe but tends to be more chronic. Just as the neonates, teenage acne begins at 10 years of age on the centre of the face where the sebaceous glands migrate first producing more oil.

Then the acne migrates out onto the cheeks at 15 years of age and across the jaw line at 18 years of age as more testosterone circulates and these glands mature. Finally, acne burns out below the jaw live around age 23, since there are no more sebaceous follicles in this area [3].

Thus, it is yet to be proved that whether there is possibility of existence of any co-relation between hormones in milk and hormones in body leading to formation of acne.Teenage Acne and Dietary Dairy Intake.

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