TArea Acne Pattern

TArea Acne Pattern:

Blackheads and whiteheads (comedones), are normally found primarily on the face, shoulders, back, chest and upper arms. This particular part of the body is most prone to the problem and is known as the “T” zone.

This area is present on the face beginning from the upper middle part of the forehead and across from left to right in the form of the crossbar of the “T”. The area goes downward beyond the nose and onwards to the chin in the form of the base of a “T”.The reasons why this particular area suffers a lot from the outbreaks are varied.

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Some of them are:

 Unsterile hands that are frequently touching the face either purposely or automatically. Many are totally unaware the number of times everyday they touch their faces, but after they get to know the situation, start giving up the habit. Touching or rubbing worsens acne on the face and leads to more outbreaks. Breaking free from the habit will lower the instances of acne and flare-ups.

 Stress plays an important part in outbreaks and the initial place where a pimple occurs is either on the chin or nose. The “T” zone is highly sensitive and the flare-up will spread rapidly throughout this area if it is maintained unclean.

 The “T” zone is frequently affected by acne because of the quantity of oil and bacteria that accumulates there. The shape of the face helps bacteria and oil to gather in the crevices and corners near the eyes, lips, chin and edges of the nose.Practically everybody has multiple skin types in the “T” zone. This can make controlling acne in this area very difficult with the conventional treatment method.

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