Some Acne Myths Shattered

Some acne myths shattered: Like any health problem, acne is surrounded by various myths perpetuated by people suffering from acne. Some of them have been prevalent since ages. Here we try to dispel various myths surrounding acne.

* Frequently washing your face will help in clearing acne: Most commercials advertise that blockage of pores cause acne. But the fact is, acne is not caused by dirt. Instead walls of the pore fuse together inside the skin, resulting in acne formation. So rather that preventing acne, frequent washing can irritate your pore, causing them to clog. The situation worsens if you use washcloth. The best solution is to wash your face gently, not more than twice a day.

* Stress is responsible for acne: As stress plays havoc with your hormones, in theory it can cause ace. However an effective acne treatment is much more powerful than a little bit of stress. Some psychiatric medications can cause acne as their side effect, but stress by itself is not a major issue.

* Masturbation/sex causes acne: This myth was first propounded in 17th century in order to dissuade youth from indulging in premarital sex. But this is completely wrong. Don’t be taken in by this myth.

* Sun exposure can cure acne: Exposure to sun is effective in short term as it helps to blend the acne marks with the remainder of the skin, by reddening the skin. But it is actually skin damage. Sun exposure causes irritation that can actually aggravate the acne. Usually you will suffer from more acne break outs as skin tries to repair itself from the adverse effects of sun damage. Consequently, your acne will worsen. But this does not mean that you should avoid sun if you are suffering from acne. A little bit of sun exposure will do you a lot of good.

* Diet and acne are correlated: This is a gray area that needs more research. It has been observed that people following traditional diets do not have instances of acne attacks. This is in sharp contrast to people following modern diets. This has made scientists think whether our diets are not connected with acne in any way. Although we cannot exactly replicate the diets of primitive men, we can try to achieve a healthy balance between the modern and traditional diets.Some acne myths shattered.

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