Simple Steps for Teenagers to Eliminate Teenage Acne

Simple Steps for Teenagers to Eliminate Teenage Acne:

1-Simply avoid `simple’ carbohydrate foods

Teens have to necessarily eliminate many `simple’ carbohydrate foods and beverages in their daily life to be rid of acne.

2-Drink plenty of water daily

Skin is the largest organ of the body. Moisture in skin cells is the single most important thing to keep them fresh and youthful. Skin is also organ through which great amount of cellular waste is removed through perspiration so by drinking plenty of water good elimination of toxins from body is acquired and appearance is greatly influenced.

3-Stop irritating your skin

Skin cells are very delicate, fragile and sensitive so treat them kindly. The acne is not coming from surface of skin so it cannot be washed away or killed with harsh chemical creams, soaps and cleansers. Help your skin by applying creams which have soothing protection and provide topical nourishment.

4-Put the nutrients back into your body for a healthy skin

a-Take vitamin A supplement everyday to give nutritional power to your body to make hormones and healthy skin [1] studies have reported that 50,000IU of vitamin A has cleared skin lesions in many patients [2]

b-Take riboflavin vitamin B-2 supplement everyday 50,000 IU of vitamin A needs to be balanced by 500 mg of Riboflavin

c-Another vitamin is Niacinamide 200 mg 3 times a day to improve skin cell respiration

d-Next vitamin which is beneficial especially for ladies is 50 mg of pyridoxine (vitamin B6 everyday)

e-Vitamin E is a vitamin that works wonder for acne [3]

f-The final vitamin is Lipoic acid. It should be taken 200mg for 3 times a day

g-Zinc is essential for good skin health it is essential for production of germ cells of reproduction. 60 mg of this mineral each day will work wonders, it is found that zinc is as effective as antibiotic tetracycline [4]

h-The next mineral vital for skin is magnesium, about 500 mg of this mineral daily will help in production of enzymes and proteins of skin cells

i-The other important mineral is selenium which is to be taken 400 mcg per day as selenomethionine

j-The final mineral for acne free skin is mineral chromium. It is to be taken 1000 mcg per day in picolinate form.Simple Steps for Teenagers to Eliminate Teenage Acne[1] British Journal of Dermatology, 113: 405[2] Archives of Dermatoloty,117:160[3] Acta Dermato Venerologica, 64: 839[4] British Journal of Dermatology, 101: 321

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