Scientific Background on Development of Teenage Acne

Scientific Background on Development of Teenage Acne: As a child consuming cold cereals made of refined flour coated with sugar, drinks of fruit juice and soda pop, snacks of cookies, crackers and doughnuts, and meals of pasta and spaghetti and desserts of cookies, cake and candy treats will make your young and healthy pancreas putting out all the insulin you need.

However, by the time you reach those all important teen years this kind of micronutrient deficient `simple’ carbohydrate diet for the first 12 years of your life has left your cells with too little in the way of nutrient reserves to be able to process all this glucose in an effective way.

The first thing that happens is that the glucose in the diet is in excess of the ability in the nutritionally deficient mitochondria to convert it into ATP. As a result the glucose cannot get into the mitochondria and the glucose starts to saturate the cell.

Because of the constant exposure to the environment the skins endures a high degree of wear and tear thus skin cells have to replace themselves constantly. This means they have a high energy demand and they need and get a lot of glucose and the more glucose there is in the diet the more they get.

The nutritional deficiencies that accompany a `simple’ carbohydrate diet eventually show up as nutritional deficiencies in every cell in the body including skin cells. These nutritional deficiencies prevent the skin cell mitochondria from fully functioning.

The glucose does not get converted to ATP and just stays in the cells as glucose until the cell becomes so saturated it can accept no more.

By this time lack of Vitamin A and B-2 are causing the oil in the sebaceous glands to become thick and sticky and this traps bacteria. Looking around for a good meal the bacteria discover a huge supply of glucose in the neighboring cells with all this food they are soon multiplying a huge bacterial colony is established in the skin pores.

At this point the immune cells discover the bacterial colony and attack. First comes the chemical warfare becomes red, swore and swollen. Next is the attack by the macrophages that eat themselves to death gorging on bacteria, littering the battle field with their swollen pus filled bodies. By now your dreaded pimple is sticking out.

So if you are a typical teenager you console yourself with a candy bar and wash it down with a bottle of soda pop and wonder why your pimples are turning back into a bade case of acne!

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