Acne Scar Reducing Collagen

Using Scar Reducing Injectable Collagen to get rid of acne scars:

Though acne scar surgeries are resorted to to get rid of acne, there are some procedures that don’t need surgery, but are effective in getting rid of acne. One of such procedures is the use of injectable scar reducing collagen in a bid to correct the cutaneous contour deficiencies that develop on the face due to acne.

When injecting collagen, the doctor uses the injectable form of bovine dermal collagen to correct acne problems. This is because this material is sterile, and is made of highly purified type I collagen that is found dispersed in saline. This saline is phosphate buffered and physiological with the inclusion of lidocaine in it, in minute amounts.

The procedure of using injectable scar reducing collagen has been tested to be safe and efficient in the correction of cutaneous contour deficiencies. It is now used widely in clinics across the United States, England, France, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil and another eleven countries. This was after safety of the procedure was evaluated with a six and a half years investigation with 5,109 patients. These patients were evaluated by plastic surgeons and by 728 dermatologists.

Like most clinical and medical procedures, this procedure had had some incidence of adverse reactions like localized swelling and erythema in the beginning. However once the material was cleared for marketing by the United States Food and Drug Administration, there has been no increase in the occurrence of treatment reactions in patients using injectable collagen.

So with all this research and studies, it is indicated that the injection of scar reducing collagen collagen is effective in treating acne as it helps by elevating the dermal contour defects on the skin that occur due to acne and other etiological factors. This procedure can also be referred to as the recollagenation of acne scars.

Journal: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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