Scalp Acne - A Type Of Acne

Scalp Acne - A Type Of Acne:

Acne is a skin condition that generally manifests itself on the facial skin of a person. However some people experience a bout of acne in different parts of their body in the form of scalp acne. Scalp acne occurs in both men and women of all ages.

As its name suggests, scalp acne is mostly found on the scalp. However sometimes it can also occur on the arms, face, chest, legs and armpits of a person. Scalp acne occurs as small, white-yellowish pustules which are generally triggered in periods of great stress. It is when the scalp contains too much of oil, when the hair is not washed properly or if the hair products one uses contains too much of oil.

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The main cause of scalp acne is high stress, and is known as scalp folliculitis, necrotica miliaris, etc. Its mild attacks produce small, sore and crusty acne which is usually found on the upper forehead, at the hairline. Depending on the skin type of the person, some people may have many pustules on the hairline, and others a few.

The most severe form of scalp acne is acne necrotica miliaris that appears as inflamed, large papules which are black in color. The scars that remain with this type of acne are permanent, and resemble the scars of chicken pox. Another more severe form of acne, worse than acne necrotica miliaris affects mostly adult African-American men, and sometimes others too.

In this acne condition, you find a combination of pustules and papules with large cysts that are really large. Sometimes, in addition to extreme stress, scalp acne can be caused by some micro-organisms like bacteria, mites and yeasts.

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