Role of vitamin B5 in treating acne

Role of vitamin B5 in treating acne

Vitamin B5 is also known as pantothenic acid. It belongs to the family of B vitamins, also called as B-complex. B vitamins are a family of vitamins that play an important role in promoting healthy nerves, skin, eyes, hair, liver, gastrointestinal tract, and brain workings.

These B complex vitamins are very important for the body. They must be obtained through our diet or supplements. They convert food into energy, maintain a healthy immune system, balance various hormones in our body and carry out various tasks.

These B vitamins work in synergy with each other. Each one is dependent on others in order to carry out their individual role in the body. Deficiency of any one of them can cause imbalance and deficiencies of others. As a result, our body’s ability to metabolize and digest them is heavily compromised.

One of the B vitamins, whose deficiency causes acne, is vitamin B5. It is required by almost all cells of the body, including those of the brain. It is essential for synthesis of adrenal hormones, healing wounds, normal working of the gastrointestinal tract, glucose metabolism and consumption of other vitamins.

As B5 assists in proper working of the adrenal gland, it can balance the hormonal action. Moreover it helps in formation of antibodies, thus destroying bacteria that can cause acne. Hence it is useful in acne treatment.

A Chinese doctor, Lit-Hung Leung first established the link between vitamin B5 and acne. He saw that the patients who were given the vitamin in oral and cream form, showed a marked decline in instances of acne very quickly. Hence he concluded that vitamin B5 can help alleviate acne.

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