Remove Acne Scars With Microdermabraision

Removing acne scars with microdermabrasion:

Acne scarring is a condition that accompanies acne attacks. It is after these acne attacks that some people tend to suffer from psychological problems related to acne scarring. It is because of this that they turn to acne scarring surgery to remove these acne scars. There are numerous procedures which have been established to remove acne scars, and numerous procedures that are being tested to remove acne scars, of which one of them is microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is basically a skin rejuvenation procedure for acne scar removal. However study and research is still going on to determine its efficacy in acne scar removal. In one such study patients were made to undergo microdermabrasion treatment for twelve to fourteen weeks. Prior to this, self rated questionnaires were given to the patients. After undergoing microdermabrasion for the length of the treatment, these questionnaires were again distributed to the patients for an evaluation by a paired t-test.

After the evaluation, it was found that most of these patients were suffering from severe acne scarring and after patient assessment, it could be seen that there was a significant improvement in the roughness, mottled pigmentation and a marked improvement in the skin appearance of the patient. However there was no improvement in rhytides and though acne scarring improved at times, it needed deeper ablation.

It could be said that the stratum corneum of the skin was homogenized and compacted focally while chronically, there was epidermal hyperplasia, an increase in elastin and a decrease in melanization in the skin of the patients. In conclusion, it was decided that microdermabrasion is an effective treatment to remove some aspects of photoaging and and to removal acne scars in some cases.

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