Psychological Aspect of Cystic Acne

The psychological aspect of cystic acne can be considerable. The psychological morbidity is complex and does not conform to standard psychiatric disease criteria. More prominent symptoms were embarrassment, impaired self image, low self esteem, self consciousness, frustration and anger. Thus recognition and management of psychological sequelae of acne by general practitioners is of considerable importance [10].

The relationship between acne and physiological well being has been a subject of controversy. Patients with cystic acne feel self conscious, anxiety and social isolation not only psychological status is influenced by cystic acne but also their sympathoadrenal symptom [13].

There is paucity of data on role of anger in acne vulgaris. The acne patients have significantly higher depression and trait anxiety scales and their self esteem was lower [1(2)].

Acne results in higher anxiety in adolescent girls. Adolescent girls are more vulnerable than boys to the negative psychological effects of acne. Although severe acne are more common in adolescent boys and severity of acne is similar in boys and girls [39].

Acne causes personal and social difficulties for a large number of adolescent patients. There is a need to access to appropriate information and health services so that the social and psychological consequences of acne are minimized [111].

Although knowledge concerning the dermatological treatment of chronic acne has grown considerably in recent years relatively few studies have assessed the effective physical intervention upon the psycho emotional functioning of patients. Women with acne were significantly more embarrassed than their male counterparts about their skin disease.

Acne definitely appears to be a condition which has the potential to damage perhaps even in long term the emotional functioning of patients [140]. The clinically mild to moderate disease such as non-cystic facial acne can be associated with significant depression and suicidal ideation [139].

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