Prevent Teenage Acne

How to prevent teenage acne:

Teenage acne is prevalent in the society where many youngsters tend to face lots of psychological and emotional problems. This forms a need of an effective means of preventing teenage acne.

Teenage acne tends to affect the adolescence of young people. These youngsters tend to suffer in confidence while facing a fear on the success of developing relationships. This is why it is basically better for teenagers and adolescents to be guided properly about their acne cases and be treated accordingly, as soon as possible.

Studies were conducted to find out more about the occurrence of teenage acne on teenagers. It was found that teenage acne was found in 83% of the teenagers, where there was a similar distribution between males and females. Not much of a difference was found between the mean scores of sexes in teenage acne. The only difference found here was that only a third of the 75% teenagers using OTC products found the products to help them fight teenage acne. However 66% of the 15% receiving treatment from their doctors considered the treatment helpful.

This study proved that teenage acne occurred in a majority of teenagers where their lives underwent significant change with the occurrence of acne. This is why it is important to teach teenagers means of preventing teenage acne, and thus reduce the future socio-economic burden of their teenage acne.

Keeping the face clean may not prevent teenage acne, but it reduces its occurrence to an extent. Washing your face with a good quality soap tends to help keep off excess oils and bacteria. Exfoliate your face regularly to remove dead skin cells from accumulating on the sebaceous glands of your face and aggravating teenage acne.

If required, seek the help of a dermatologist if your teenage acne faces harsh problems. They will be able to help you in many ways like the use of prescription medicine to slow down the production of oils in the body and the occurrence of teenage acne. They will also prescribe the use of specific antibiotics to rid the skin of infections.

Keep well informed about teenage acne so that you know what acne is, why it happens and how it can be prevented. Following a regular exercise regime with a well balanced diet helps in preventing teenage acne.

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