Post Adolescent Acne

Post adolescent acne:

Acne is a skin condition that basically affects girls in their teenage years. However today there are many incidences of women suffering from acne in their middle ages. Some women suffer from acne right from teenage and are carried on to woman hood. There are also some women who have never suffered from acne in teenage life, but tend to suffer from it in woman hood because of stress and hormonal changes in their bodies.

Women tend to suffer from acne in pregnancy, pre-menopause and post menopause periods. Women suffering from acne in pregnancy should not take any over the counter medications for treating acne. It is only after meeting and consulting the physician should any medication be taken to treat acne.

Sometimes oral contraceptives are used to treat acne. This is resorted to only after other standard treatment procedures have no effect on acne and when the woman suffers from severe sebum secretion.

1) The relationship between acne and women:

Women suffering from acne in their middle ages should not be embarrassed or fret about it as there are many women suffering from the same condition.

2. Is it safe to use oral or topical agents for treating acne in pregnancy?

When pregnant, any oral or topical agent that is used for treating acne has to be started only after consultations with the physician.

3. The effects of hormonal treatment in treating acne: Hormonal imbalances in the body can lead to acne; this leads to using hormonal treatments in treating acne.

4. An introduction to post-adolescent acne:

Acne that occurs in middle ages is referred to as post-adolescent acne, and occurs in more women than you think.

5. Tips on choosing the right oral contraceptive to treat acne:

Though contraceptives can treat acne, it is important to use the right oral contraceptive after guidance from the doctor.

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