Natural Acne Healing Treatments

Natural Acne Healing Treatments:

1) Orange peel pounded well with water and applied to the affected areas cleans the accumulation of oil and closes the pores.

2) Grate cucumber and apply to the acne. It cleanses and acts as a toner.

3) Rub acne with a freshly cut clove of garlic several times a day.

4) Drinking at least two litres of water everyday.

5) A clove based facemask. Apply and wash off after ten minutes.

6) A paste made of fenugreek leaves, apply on the acne at night and wash off next morning.

7) Tea Tree Oil applied topically for 5 to 6 months improves the visual appearance of lesions that acne patients suffer from.

8) Lavender oil applied topically inhibits bacteria causing acne It soothes the skin and balances its acidity.

9) A balanced fibre rich diet is a sure way to keep acne at bay.

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