Myths Teenage Acne

The myths associated with teenage acne:

Teenage acne is a health condition that occurs in all teenagers. There are many myths that have grown in association with teenage acne, where some can be believed, and some are false.

It has always been concluded that stress is a main cause for teenage acne. This is a myth that is partially true as though stress is not a cause for teenage acne, it tends to aggravate acne. This is because the adrenal glands mediate stress. While the adrenal cortex gets moving, androgenic hormones are secreted which in turn makes sebaceous glands produce more oil.

Diet is not a triggering factor for acne as generally thought. Chocolates, French fries and other oily foods don’t trigger acne. However milk and a steady diet of shellfish and kelp may trigger acne. Though many people think that birth control pills cause acne, unpredictability better describes its effects on acne. The first few months of taking the pill may stimulate more androgen production, and more acne. However while taking birth control pills; there may be improvements or a worsening of acne.

Many people think that poor hygiene causes acne. However this is not true as dirt and surface skin oils don’t cause acne. In fact too much washing and scrubbing tends to irritate the skin and worsen acne. It is better to wash your face with mild soap twice a day, pat dry and use the right medication to treat the acne.

One of the true myths associated with teenage acne is that it causes some emotional and psychological effects on the teenagers. Studies were conducted on teenagers regarding their teenage acne and it was found that some teenagers were embarrassed about their acne.

In fact, to some, teenage acne upset them so much that their enjoyment and participation in social activities were considerably reduced. With teenagers facing psychological problems with teenage acne, it was suggested to provide access to appropriate information on acne so that its social and psychological consequences are minimized.

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