Minerals Home Acne Remedies

Minerals Home Acne Remedies

Minerals, are inorganic elements such as calcium, iron, potassium, sodium or zinc that are essential for the health of humans, animals and plants. A continued supply of minerals in the diet is necessary for growth, maintenance of body weight till adulthood and for reproduction.

Zinc: Zinc is important in the treatment of acne. It aids in prevention of acne by regulating the activity of the oil glands. . It helps in activating local hormones, retinol binding, protein formation, wound healing and tissue regeneration.

Zinc helps stop scarring and supports the healing process of tissue. Drinking lots of water, eating plenty of non-starchy vegetables and for quicker results use an acne topical containing Zinc.

Zinc is found in broccoli spinach green peas lentils tomato juice shrimp and plain yogurt

Magnesium: supports bone mineralization, protein building, and muscular contraction and immunity. Foods rich in magnesium are nuts seeds and green leafy vegetables seafood eggs and mushroom

Selenium: it is an antioxidant. Its known to diminish damage due to ultra-violet light. Found in nuts, sesame seeds, wheat germ, mushroom, whole grains, broccoli and Brussel sprouts.

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