Is Rosacea Acne - A Form Of Acne

Is Rosacea Acne - A Form Of Acne:

Though acne is a very common skin condition, sometimes people mistake rosacea for acne. Those above 30, having fair skin that blushes easily and have suffered from a bad reaction to acne medication may not suffer from acne. This may be a case of rosacea that is always mistaken for acne.

Rosacea attacks one in twenty adults with symptoms including skin redness, swelling in areas that flush with excitement, telangiectases (where there is an appearance of broken blood vessels) and sometimes, acne-like pustules and papules.

This is why rosacea is usually mistaken, and treated for acne. There may be some relief with this treatment; but it is only specific treatments that produce better results with rosacea.

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So far the cause of acne is not known. However unlike acne, in rosacea the infection involves both the skin and blood vessels. People suffering from rosacea have blood vessels that flush easily to cause a flushing response to numerous triggering factors.

With frequent dilation, these blood vessels ‘wear out’ to remain permanently dilated. This is why the right treatment has to be administered to those suffering from rosacea or risk permanent damage to the skin.

You have to find out your personal triggers for rosacea as different people have different triggers that include hot beverages, spicy food, steroids, stress, sunlight, vigorous exercise, cold winds, alcohol, chocolate, cheese and alcohol-based skin products.

As prevention is better than cure, you have to be aware of your diet, habits and surroundings and avoid triggers you think trigger your rosacea attack.

The acne like lesions with rosacea can be treated with topical and oral antibiotics, along with topical antifungal agents like metronidazole. There are also many pulsed dye lasers that reduce the redness of telangiectases. Most important, when suffering from rosacea, you have to be kind to your skin and avoid alcohol and exfoliating grains.

Of course, if you suspect you suffer from rosacea, consult a dermatologist immediately. Although there is no cure for this condition, it is treatable. The earlier you are, the earlier you can prevent damage to the skin.

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