Introducing Post Adolescent Acne

Introducing Post Adolescent Acne: An introduction to post-adolescent acne:

Acne is a skin condition that no longer affects only teenagers. There are also many women in the age groups of thirties and forties who suffer from low-grade and persistent acne. In such conditions, comedomes are usually the most dominent lesions, with some papulopustules found here and there.

This post adolescent acne is divided into persistent acne where there is a continuation of acne from adolescence into adult life, and ‘late onset’ acne where acne tends to occur for the first time after the age of 25 years. The course of each form of acne is different, this is why the approach in its investigation and management tend to have differences when compared to teenage acne.

It has been found out through research that these women develop acne problems because of stress leading to an enhanced secretion of adrenal androgens. This in turn leads to sebaceous hyperplasia with inductions of comedones. This postadolescent acne is basically a variety of acne vulgaris that responds well to conventional topical treatments.

However many a time, women suffering from acne tend to find no response to multiple courses of antibiotics. In fact, many women had also found that acne relapsed even after one or more courses of isotretinoin. However it has been found out that external factors like cosmetics, drugs and occupation were not at all aetiological factors for acne attacks. Heredity was the only aetiological factor that caused acne as most sufferers from acne have first degree relatives suffering from post adolescent acne.

Usually the acne treatment aims at reducing sebum, propionibacteria population, comedogenesis and inflammation. The choice of treatmetn is all dependant o the grade of acne, and the patient’s preference and ability in complying with therapy. It is important to follow maintenance therapy in treating these acne patients, even though response to treatment may be rather slow.

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