Interesting Traditional Chinese Causes For Acne

Interesting Traditional Chinese Causes For Acne:

On reading up on topics related to acne, I had come across an interesting form of interpretation of acne with the help of traditional Chinese medicine. Their interpretation is much different from our belief that food habits and hormonal changes bring about acne.

I found out that Traditional Chinese medicine is not something new, but is a medical system that has been around for more than 2,500 years and has been verified by over 100 generations of educated practitioners.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, I learnt that acne is found as three types; where the first is the wind heat effect of the lung channel. According to this principle, the wind heat found in the lung tends to stimulate the skin, and this is what causes acne.

The symptoms of these types of acne are red papules and tubercles having inflammatory infiltration around them. There is also a burning sensation with the tip of the tongue becoming red, and a slippery rapid pulse.The second cause of acne is damp heat in the spleen and stomach where signs and symptoms include acne, cystic acne and indurative acne in the form of skin lesion, yellow and greasy coating on the tongue and a soft and rapid pulse. The third cause of acne arises because of some disharmony of Chong and Ren channels.

Here acne changes tend to occur with the menstrual cycle. It is usually worse before menstruation, and is accompanied by irregular periods and pain. The tongue becomes dark red and has a yellow coating while the pulse is taut, thready and rapid.

If interested in finding a cure with respect to these types of acne causes, you just have to make a visit to your nearby traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. You can find out about addresses of these practitioners in the internet.

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