How Does Baby Acne Occur?

How Does Baby Acne Occur?

Though it may sound astonishing, babies do develop acne. I have seen quite a few babies suffer from this temporary condition of baby acne that usually occurs when the baby is about 4 weeks to six months of age.

Baby acne breaks out as little red pimples which may appear strong at times and disappear at other times. There are some common symptoms with baby acne; it first looks like a rash with reddish, small pimples. Occasionally, there may also be some whiteheads.

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Baby acne does not attack all babies, only a majority of them. They are usually found on the cheeks and other parts of the face. The cause of baby acne is attributed to the mother’s hormone levels at childbirth. This is because the hormones tend to pass through the placenta during childbirth and a short time before it. These hormones actually stimulate last minute body development and oil production in the baby. It is this increased levels of oil in the baby that causes baby acne.

Though it is quite natural for a mother to get bothered with baby acne, it is nothing to worry about. Doctors usually recommend that the baby’s face be washed with water everyday. If required, a mild baby soap can be used to clear things up. Though baby acne usually subsides in a matter of days’ time, sometimes the attack may become severe and last for more than six months. In such situations, it is better to consult a pediatrician. The pediatrician is the best person to decide whether to prescribe medication to help with the healing of the acne or to wait and allow it to run its course.

You will notice that baby acne usually shows up more when the baby is upset or overheated. There is nothing to worry much about baby acne as it usually clears up with time.

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