Home Remedy For Nodule Acne

Using extracts of Momordica charactia as home remedy for nodule acne:

Research has brought about a new treatment for nodule acne in the form of Momordica charactia extracts.

Acne is a skin condition that usually starts in adolescence; and may run through adulthood in many people. There are many creams and lotions available in the market today to help treat acne. There is also a home remedy for nodule acne that is found in the extracts of the plant Momordica charactia.

It has been found through research that the extract from Momordica charactia is effective in treating acne and furuncle. You can find the extracts from Momordica charactia either from the whole plant or from some parts of the plant. This extract is found here is in the pH range of 4-5. Once extracted, these extracts are then formulated into either solutions, for use in pads or in the form of a lotion.

To experience the maximum effects of the extract, it is suggested to wash your face before applying the extract. Also make it a point to use it two or three times a day to find improvements in your acne problem. Studies have shown that this is effective in managing different grades of acne that range from mild, moderate and severe acne. This includes not only acne, but also comedos, papules, nodules and pustules.

You will be able to find a significant improve in your acne condition in a matter of five days’ time; making this a very suitable option for you to use to clear your acne. In fact, there is no long term or short term side effects recorded with the use of this home remedy for nodule acne. This suggests the possible use of extracts of Momordica charactia in treating cases of nodule acne.


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