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Look for a home acne remedy in your garden:

It may sometimes be better to use a home acne remedy than commercial products for treating acne.

Many a time a person suffering from acne finds it difficult to buy the best product that can be used to clear one of the scars that develop from acne. Instead of using commercial products with chemicals to clear acne, it is better to try out some home acne remedy that proves to be quite effective in clearing acne scars.

One of these home acne remedies is sandalwood, which is more popularly known as Chandan. It is its volatile oil that is used as a stimulant, tonic, coolant, astringent and disinfectant. Sandalwood is mainly useful in clearing any cutaneous inflammation as an antiseptic, skin softener and for the invigoration of the peripheral blood circulation in the skin. As it is prophylactic, it is used to treat skin diseases, allergic conditions and to remove skin blemishes. It is an effective home acne remedy that acts as an antiseptic in acne.

A herb that is very popular in Africa and Asia is Plumbago zeylanica or Ceylon leadwort. This herb acts as an effective remedy for treating parasitic skin diseases that include acne vulgaris, leprosy, scabies and surface sores. Its roots show antimicrobial and antibiotic activity where a very dilute solution of 1:50,000 is sufficient to treat a wide range of bacteria and fungi.

It is surprising to learn that the pea, or Pisum sativum is also used in treating acne. Its seeds that contain proteins, lecithin, fats, salts and carbohydrates make it nutritive and antidermatosis. You can use it as a home acne remedy by for treating acne and faded and wrinkled skins by making face masks from its crushed fresh fruits.

Camphor or Cinnamomum camphora offers a fresh, clean and piercing aroma that can be used to treat acne with its cooling action. It tends to help reduce inflammatory conditions, which is what makes it effective in treating acne, burns and ulcers as a home acne remedy.


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