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Tea tree oil, one of the many home acne remedies:

Research has shown that tea tree oil is affective in treating P.acnes.

Looking for the perfect remedy for acne is rather difficult as there are numerous commercial acne remedies in the market today. This is why many people are on the lookout for home acne remedies. Acne sufferers complain that some food and drinks tend to trigger acne attacks. However though there is no proven connection between diet and acne, people suffering from acne should avoid foods that aggravate acne.

One of the minerals recommended for acne treatment is zinc where it helps in wound healing and is required for cell division and growth. This is why it is better to use topical medications, which includes erythromycin ointment that contains zinc oxide. This is because the zinc helps in providing a remedy to acne.

In addition to zinc, herbs like calendula, witch hazel, flaxseed, licorice root and witch hazel have anti-inflammatory properties which help in treating skin conditions like acne. In addition to this, herbs like basil, turmeric and neem too are effective in treating eczema, acne and other skin conditions. In addition to this, plant products like tea tree oil have antimicrobial substances that help in the elimination of acne.

A study was also conducted on home acne remedies where tea tree oil gel, mixed with benzoyl peroxide solution was used to treat people suffering from mild to moderate acne. With the study, it was found that patients with both mild and moderate acne that found a significant reduction in the acne attack after a three month period.

Moreover, about seventy-nine percent of the group using benzoyl peroxide, and forty percent of the group using tea tree oil reported side effects that included itching, burning, dryness and stinging. Tea tree oil is also better for use as a home acne remedy as research has proven that it effectively slows down the growth of P.acnes and thus, treats your acne problem.

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