Glycemic Foods Cause Acne

High Glycemic Foods Cause Acne

According to the December 2002 issue of Archives of Dermatology the root cause of acne would be in the consumption of food that are the staple of the American diet. The Glycemic Index [GI] defines the relation between the body ‘s sugar levels and the foods. Foods are rated as 0-100 on the glycemic index with sugar (glucose) in the topmost position.

High-glycemic foods will increase the body’s sugar level rapidly whereas foods with a low glycemic index will increase the body’s sugar level slowly.

Foods that contain carbohydrates are usually high on the Glycemic Index such as pasta, potatoes, soft drinks, full fat ice cream and chocolates. These foods which are high-glycemic already contribute to diseases like obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol.

According to lead researchers of a study, concerning the link between diet and acne consumption of high glycemic food results in an increase in insulin level and insulin like growth factor IGF-1. As these hormones rise they set off a chain reaction whereby large amounts of testosterone are produced. This rise of testosterone triggers over production of sebum. This sebum reacts with the bacteria present in the skin, which produces an inflammation on the skin pore resulting in Acne.

Unfortunately 75% of grains within the American diet are refined and high glycemic. The high fat content in the diet leads to poor circulation, which leads to acne. Studies also suggest that the presence of excess of caffeine in beverages also contributes to acne. Increase intake of caffeine actually triggers high level of stress hormones in the body, which in turn cause acne to develop. The presence of red meat and dairy products in a typical western diet also results in acne

It may sound repetitive but a balanced fibre rich diet is in everyone’s interest, it not only keeps you healthy but keeps many life threatening diseases at bay.

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