Genetics Influence Teenage Acne

Genetics Influence Teenage Acne - Genetics help decide on the teenage acne attack:

With genetics having a part in deciding the type of teenage acne you will be suffering from, it is rather difficult to avoid teenage acne if you have the gene in your body. You could only take precautions not to aggravate a teenage acne attack.

Genetics play an important part in the type of teenage acne attack you suffer from. This is the reason why some youths have only an occasional pimple or whitehead to worry about while other youths tend to have an attack that covers the whole face with blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

Those teenagers suffering from acne attacks due to genetic factors find that it is rather difficult for them to find a cure for it. Even after trying out numerous remedies and over the counter medication, the afflicted teenagers don’t find any relief. Instead, they have their own restrictions pertaining to the food they eat, their drinks and their lifestyle.

It has been proven of the presence of a genetic influence over teenage attacks through the high concordance between the monozygotic twin of the severity of acne and the sebum excretion rate. Morever, patients having a family history of persistent acne are more likely to suffer from severe acne than patients with adolescent acne.

A study was also conducted amongst volunteers to prove the effects of genetics on acne. Not only were the volunteers involved in the study, but their parents too. It was found out that the occurance of teenage acne in a teenage volunteer having parents with bad teenage acne attacks was higher than the volunteers of unaffected individuals. With this study, it was provent that family factors, or genetics play an important part in determining the susceptibility of an individual to teenage acne attacks.

So if you have the hereditary factor that leads to a teenage acne attack, it is better for you to try to reduce the severity of the teenage acne attack by avoiding oily food, spicy food, stress and using any birth control pills. Though these factors may not trigger a teenage acne, they then to aggravate a minor acne attack into a major acne attack.

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