Fundamentals Body Acne

Fundamentals of Body Acne

When one hears the word acne, the first thing that comes to mind is facial acne. However there are many people, like my friend, who suffers from body acne. With body acne, there is acne on the neck, shoulders, back and upper arms. It is rather difficult to treat body acne as it gets irritated easily with the rubbing of the material of clothes one wears.

The factors that contribute to body acne are similar to the factors bringing on facial acne. Basically it is the overproduction of oil in the skin that blocks the skin pores and causes bacteria growth. Facial acne too may reach serious levels with the appearance of nodules and cysts on the skin to leave permanent scars or blemishes on the skin.

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There is no point in scrubbing body acne to clean the area. Remember that cleanliness does not cause acne; it is the stimulation of oil in sebaceous glands by androgen hormones that causes acne. Just clean the area gently, and follow the treatment recommended by the doctor or dermatologist.

Avoid popping or breaking acne as it only leaves blemishes. Just apply the topical cream advised to you gently on the acne and wear clothing with smooth texture. Avoid using backpacks; instead use an alternative like a bag you carry by hand till things clear up. Rubbing of acne only costs more spots and prolongs the healing and clearing process.

Treating body acne is not an easy proposition as there is no single, effective treatment for it. Different treatments work for different people. Sometimes while you are on a treatment, you find that the condition aggravates before getting cured. So continue with your acne treatment even if you find the treatment is not working as you get results only after four to six weeks.

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