Effects Various Nutrients2 - Effects of various nutrients on acne - Part 2

Here we look at other essential nutrients that play an important role in treating acne.

Selenium: This is another trace element that has attracted attention due to its anti-carcinogenic properties. Research indicates that if it is combined along with vitamin A and vitamin E can lower the instances of persistent acne and help in lowering scarring. In nature, selenium is normally found in protein-rich foods like poultry, fish, meat, cereals, seeds and other grains. Garlic, mushroom and asparagus are also rich in this mineral. But our bodies cannot absorb inorganic forms of selenium, except from our drinking water. But inorganic selenium can also be toxic if taken in high doses.

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Magnesium: This is another mineral that is beneficial in treating acne. It is important for metabolism, helps in growth of bones and functions as the body's major electrolyte. It relieves stress and improves the health of the heart, blood circulation, blood pressure and total relaxation. As stress affects the functioning of adrenal hormones, magnesium helps in lowering stress, relaxing muscles and thereby minimizing the secretion of additional hormones and prevents the deterioration of acne. Foods abundant in magnesium are meats, seafood, green vegetable, dairy products, nuts, bananas, peanut butter and potatoes.

Essential fatty acids (EFAs): EFAs play an important role in treating acne due to their beneficial action on the skin, thus reducing acne. Taken along with food containing zinc, they can dramatically improve acne condition. EFAs are the acids that our body is unable to produce by itself and needs to be taken externally. They work in conjunction with proteins and hence are equally important. EFAs lead to thinner sebum that clogs the follicles and thus lead to acne. EFAs are found in wheat germ and soyabean oil, tuna, salmon and walnuts.

Hence it can be seen that by following a healthy, you can reduce your chances of acne. This reduces the need for medication that can have adverse side effects.

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