Effects of Hormonal Treatment

Effects of Hormonal Treatment: The effects of hormonal treatment in treating acne:

As acne is usually prevalent in teens, women in the thirties and forties who suffer from acne find it detrimental on their personal and professional lives. Such women usually use the products they had used when young to treat acne, when it is actually important that they take into account the physiological changes that take place in their body, and consult a medical physician.

The physician then holds an examination and laboratory evaluation of the production of hormones in the woman to find out if she is suffering from a case of hormonal acne. Women suffering from hormonal acne not only have to endure acne, but also irregular menstrual cycles, obesity, diabetes and infertility. Sometimes hormone levels of the body are also aggravated by stress and diet, which in turn induces hormonal acne.

It is the androgens in the body that stimulates sebaceous glands, and hair follicles in the skin, and brings about hormonal acne. It is normal for both young and old women to have acne flare ups during menstruation on the lower face, jaw line and chin of the woman.

Basically, there are some clues that help determine if acne in an adult woman is a case of hormonal acne. Such clues are hirsutism, where there is excessive growth of hair in unusual places, irregular menstrual cycles, premenstrual acne flares and increased levels of androgens in the body.

Different drugs are suggested to treat women suffering from such acne like low dose estrogen birth control pills that suppress the production of androgen in the ovaries. Sometimes low dose corticosteroid drugs like dexamethasone or prednisone is also prescribed as these drugs suppress the production of androgen in the adrenal glands.

Then again, some doctors prescribe antiandrogen drugs like spironolactone that reduces the excessive production of oil in the skin. However these drugs have side effects like irregular menstruation, headache, tender breasts and fatigue.


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