Effective Alternative Treatment for Cystic Acne

There are diverse successful effective alternative treatment for cystic acne. Starting from topical applications to systemic groups to oral administration of combinations using isotretinoin and methyl prednisone to physical methodologies like phototherapy [206(1)].

In topical applications clinical improvements in patients treated for a period of 10 weeks with combination of clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide have been reported [110(4)]. Studies have also reported combination of benzoyl peroxide and vitamin A in treatment of cystic acne [1(5)].

In systemic groups, successful treatment of cystic acne using combination of corticosteroid and isotretinoin has been reported [13(6)].

In oral administration isotretinoin is found to be a safe and effective therapy producing long term remission [129(3)]. Positive effects of isotretinoin related to mood changes in adolescents leading to reduction in depressive symptoms have also been reported [41].Infantile severe acne has also been successfully treated with isotretinoin [22(4)]. However, contradictory studies on isotretinoin inducing inflammatory bowel disease in an adolescent has also been reported [35(10)].

Physical methodologies using thermotherapy which involves deep heat treatment of severe acne with novel medical device which utilizes radiofrequency as a source of energy to produce volumetric tissue healing is found to be safe, new and effective treatment alternative for severe acne [29(4)].

Phototherapy using blue (415nm) and red (660nm) in treatment of cystic acne has found to be an effective mean with no significant short term adverse effects [142(5)]. Recently low energy pulsed dye laser therapy or phototherapy has been used and seems to be promising alternative to simultaneously treated active acne and acne scarring [5(4)].

Recently laser methodologies using different combinations of laser and light based therapy [30(2)] ICG and long pulse diode laser treatment [31(2)] and fractional laser photothermolysis [doi: 10.1111/j. has been found to be safe and effective treatment with minimal side effects.

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