Effect Various Nutrients

Effect of Various Nutrients

The key to treating acne naturally is to ensure your body gets all the essential nutrients required for a healthy skin. The two common nutrients needed are vitamin B complex and E. But besides these, there are plenty of other nutrients that are required for a healthy skin. The other important nutrients are Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, vitamin A and essential fatty acids. They possess properties that help in maintenance of healthy skin.

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Zinc is the most famous immunity booster. White blood cells need a certain amount of zinc in order to function properly as immunity comprises of white blood cells. If the white blood cells cannot function properly, our immune system is affected, making you prone to acne. Taking zinc supplements has the same effects as taking tetracycline.

Vitamin A is also important in acne treatment. It helps in production of hormone, retains the integrity of mucous membranes and the digestive tract, and improves night vision. It also plays an important part in growth of skin, teeth, bone and enhances immune system function. In certain instances, severe acne cases have been successfully treated with very high doses o vitamin A. But keep in mind, very large doses of vitamin A have been proved to be hazardous to the body. Hence take this under proper medical supervision, as vitamin A being fat soluble tends to be stored by the body, and is not excreted by the body.

There are other nutrients needed by the body in its fight against acne. We take a look at them in the next part.

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