Traditional Chinese Medicines Acne Diagnosis of Damp Heat

1. What is Damp Heat?

Damp-Heat is the Chinese Medical equivalent of infection. The cause is usually a build up of bacteria or yeast within the intestine, causing irritation and dysfunction within the liver and gallbladder. The term is used together “damp-heat” as it is a specific condition which shows the signs of subtle yellowing of the skin and yellowing of the coatings on the tongue which are both typical signs of acne.

2. What Does Damp Heat Mean For ACNE?

Acne is the expression of the toxins which develop from the body’s improper toxic disposal by your liver and gallbladder. The cause of the acne inbalance is an over abundance of harmful “heat” causing bacteria which are created through eating fatty or sugary foods or through the administration of “cold” causing anti-biotics disrupt the body’s natural balance due to killing beneficial bacterial colonies and allowing the manifestation of harmful bacterial intestinal infection. The region in which the acne is expressed is indicative of where the toxins are located within the gastrointestinal tract.

3. The Solution?

Acne is a systemic problem and requires a systemic approach. Acupuncture is a proven method for treating acne. It is important to find a fast solution to acne before futher scarring develops, so either due your research to find a reputable Chinese Medical Doctor (Acupuncturist) in your area or consult my Natural Acne Treatment article for a full explanation of the causes and solutions to acne from both a Naturopath and Traditional Chinese Medical perspective.

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