Cystic Acne - Summary

Cystic acne is the most common disease affecting all ages and ethnic groups. Cystic acne requires medical treatment if not treated it may result in long post acne scars.

Patients with cystic acne have adverse psychological and emotional status they are more embarrassed, have impaired self image, low self esteem, frustrated and angry.

The pathogenesis of cystic acne is associated with androgen, skin lipids and inflammatory disease. In women cystic acne is found to be one of the features of hyperandrogenism.

However, current concepts of pathogenesis of acne prove involvement of sebaceous hyperplasia, follicular hyper keratinisation, bacterial hyper colonization and as well as immune reactions and inflammation.

Nevertheless, a newly recognized pleiotropic autosomal dominant disorder (PAPA) syndrome has been characterized associated with cystic acne.

There are diverse treatment alternatives for cystic acne of which recent laser methodologies using different combinations of laser and light based therapy, ICG and long pulse diode laser treatment and fractional laser photothermolyis has been found to be safe and effective treatment with minimal side effects.

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