Clear Pores Rated #1 in 2007

Overall Score For The Clear Pores Review: 8.88/10

Clear Pores is a system that claims, through a snappy-looking website, that it will cure acne from the inside out. With so many choices out there, it takes morethan a pretty website to be convincing of an effective product.

Let’s see how the Clear Pores system stacks up by looking at the ingredients, the cost, and the research behind the system. There are three simple steps to the Clear Pores system: the deep cleaning wash to get rid of acne-causing bacteria, the herbal supplements that work internally to bring the body back into optimal balance, and the protection cream to keep your face clean and fresh during the day. The herbal supplement is all natural, which is a plus, but the cream and wash are not.

Clear Pores lists their ingredients and goes into good detail about the herbs they use in their supplement. The Clear Pores site has good information about acne and its causes as well as several testimonials from dermatologists.

Clear Pores offers a six month money back guarantee for those not fully pleased with their three stage system which guarantees that the $43 cost will be permanently effective in clearing your acne.

The 2007 Clear Pores score 8.88 out of 10.Cost: $83.99

Effectiveness: 9/10

Natural Ingredients Used: 7/10

Money-Back Guarantee: 10/10 (6 Month Money Back Guarantee - WOW!)

Overall Score: 8.88/10

Clear Pores is quite simply the best acne treatment on the market year after year including 2007.

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