Causes Teenage Acne Attacks

Some causes for Teenage acne Attacks:

Teenage acne is something all teenagers suffer from. It is only the difference in the strength and frequency of the attack that differs.

There are some teenagers that get only a few pimples a month and some other teenagers that have bad teenage flare ups. There are many causes for teenage acne where stress, oily foods and hormonal changes are the main causes. Though stress and oily foods don’t actually trigger a teenage acne attack, it definitely aggravates an acne condition.

Some studies were also conducted to find out if the intake of dairy food in high school were associated with severe teenage acne. These results proved that there indeed is a positive association between acne and total and skim milk. It is hypothesized that this association arises with the presence of hormones and bioactive molecules in milk.

For most teenagers, a little benzoyl peroxide or any over the counter medication is sufficient to keep things in control. However there are some teens who develop inflammatory acne, a more severe form of teenage acne that requires a physician’s treatment.

It is the raging hormones in the body that causes teenage acne. It is when androgens are found in high gear in the teenage years that teenage acne starts. These androgens tend to activate the sebaceous glands to produce the oily substance sebum. This sebum carries cells shed by the glands to the surface of the skin. Sometimes the openings of the glands are blocked by excess sebum by plugs of sebum and cells called comedos.

This ‘plug’ is called a whitehead when it is light in color and found below the surface of the skin. If it is enlarged and pops with a darkened tip, it is called a blackhead. And if the ‘plug’ is red, swollen and filled with pus, it is a pimple. It is usually young men, and not young women who get severe and longer lasting form of teenage acne as they tend to produce ten times more androgens than girls.

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