Causes of Teenage Acne in Modern Teens

Causes of Teenage Acne in Modern Teens: Teenagers are more susceptible to acne development. In the present scenario modern teens have a profound tendency to develop severe cases of acne.

The first reason is nature sending all the nutrition required by the testes and ovaries during the teen years to insure there will be adequate sexual maturation in order to guarantee the perpetuation of the species.

However, at puberty the process of sexual maturation is absolutely essential for the continuation of life and our species and thus the sex glands get first call on the nutrients extracted from the diet.

If the diet is not adequate to supply for both the skin and these essential sexual maturation processes, the skin becomes short damaged and acne is almost guaranteed.

The sex hormones are made form the same basic nutrients as is the oil made by the sebaceous glands, when there are not enough of these nutrients to do both, the production of sex hormones hogs all the nutrients and skin begin to suffer and it will produce poor quality oil.

The oil will be thick and sticky which clog the skin pores and skin will eventually become inflamed resulting in the formation of acne.

The second major factor is the typical teenagers diet consisting primarily of processed foods which are woefully deficient in the basic micronutrients required to create both hormones and healthy skin thus their diet is setting them to have skin that is nutritionally deprived and highly prone to develop severe acne.

The third major factor is the modern teenage diet which is terribly out of balance with regard to the macronutrients of fat, protein and carbohydrate.

The diet of an average teen is in favor of simple carbohydrate. So this third factor of an imbalance between the macronutrients in favor of carbohydrates is the biggest culprit in causing severe acne.

This is actually the number one cause of severe acne. Not only serious acne in the teen years is brought on by a high amount of simple carbohydrates in the diet but also diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes and obesity is to follow.

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