Causes of Acne

Causes of Acne: Acne is a problem that is quite common amongst the teens. But even adults are affected. It can be an embarrassing problem for many. But have you wondered, what are the factors that cause acne?

Although not clear, the main cause of acne is the hormonal changes that affect oil production. It is believed our hormones play an important role in development of acne. This is due to the fact that our hormones have been known to cause maturation of the sebaceaous glands.

Certain stages in our lives can cause imbalance in our hormones. This normally happens during teenage years and pregnancy and menopause. But during other times also, the hormones can play havoc with your system, thus making it difficult to find out when you are likely to suffer from acne Causes of Acne.

Latest research indicates that acne can be caused by the male hormone 'androgens', found in both men and women. As men tend to have higher levels of androgen, they are more likely to suffer from acne than women. The effect of DHT on the androgen receptors activates the functioning of the receptors and leads to excess secretion of oil by the oil glands. The excess oil blocks the skin and permits dirt, bacteria and foreign debris to reside on the skin pore. This stimulates the growth of bacteria in the follicles, thus causing acne.

Hence the best way to prevent acne is to control the excess effects of hormones. Though there is no direct correlation between stress and acne, it can cause eruption of few pimples. Moreover, it is believed that acne is one of the adverse effects of certain medications used to combat stress.

Also, stress stimulates the secretion of our body’s enzymes and immune systems that in turn cause oil glands to secrete more oil. This can cause an acne flare up. So although stress does not directly cause acne, it can definitely play a major role in causing acne.

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