Cause For Acne - Is There Any Cause For Acne?

Cause For Acne - Is There Any Cause For Acne?

After doing so much research and looking for information on the cures and causes of acne, I have found out there are no specific causes for acne. Acne is something that strikes mostly adolescents and some adults too. Despite this being one of the most widespread medical conditions found in the world.

The main thing to remember is that you are never the cause or reason for your acne bout. Despite the popular belief that the cause of acne is related to the food you eat, your sweat and how often you wash your face, acne is not caused by these factors. It is more often caused by a combination of different factors that take place under your skin.

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It is interesting to learn that your acne blemish starts about 2-3 weeks before appearing on the skin’s surface. It is in the sebaceous hair follicles, called pores that acne first starts by producing sebum. The old cells of your body die wherein your skin renews itself to get sloughed off.

Usually these cells shed gradually to provide for new skin. However in some people, there is uneven shedding of dead cells which clump together to form a comedo. This is where oil and bacteria is trapped in the follicle, to start swelling while your skin continues producing oil normally. Your body retaliates by attacking these bacteria with a swarm of white blood cells. This process takes 2-3 weeks, to lead to a pimple.

Though it is not possible to cure acne, I have found out that it is treatable. You have to aim at stopping the condition before any visual symptoms are exhibited. Different people find different treatments that are effective in controlling acne. It is up to you to find out which treatment best works for you in controlling and curing acne.

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