Acupressure for acne

Acupressure for acne:

Acne is a common skin problem encountered by teenagers and adults, men and women alike. Its causes can be various. Hormones, faulty diets and stress are some of the primary causes of acne. There are various treatments to cure acne. Both allopathic and alternative treatments are very effective in treating acne. One of the alternative treatments for acne that is safe yet effective is acupressure.

Acupressure is the ancient Chinese treatment in which certain parts of our body are pressed at certain places in order to stimulate healing actions in our body. These places are known as pressure points. Acupressure has been successfully used in treating various diseases including acne.

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Acupressure for acne involves the following steps:

 Wash your face and dry it. Sit and close your eyes. Rub both the palms against each other till they are warm. With 4 fingers, wipe your face from forehead down till the lips and the lower jaw, from there to below the ears, then back up to the temples. Repeat this process 10 times and then do the same in the reverse direction.

 Use any one of the following massage techniques in order to relieve acne:

 Gently press and knead the point present above the bridge of your nose midway between the inner rims of each eyebrow.

 Gently press and knead the points on the cheek immediately below the eye pupil and in line with the lower end of the nostril.

 Gently press and knead the points below the cheekbone in line with the external corner of the eye.

 Gently press and knead the point in the depression at the base of the skull, outside the two big muscles on the neck. You can locate these muscles by bending your neck forward, head down.

 Gently press and knead the depression, 4 fingers wide below the kneecap edge and a thumb wide outside the shinbone.

These massages will certainly provide relief from acne without any adverse side effects.

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