Acnezine Rated #2 in 2007

Overall Score For The AcneZine Review: 8.20/10

One acne cure which scored very well once again in 2007 is the natural skin care system AcneZine. This treatment plan focuses on the internal factors that cause acne and not just the external break outs.

The all-natural supplements contain large amounts of antioxidants that destroy the free radicals that can cause imbalances in hormones, and thus cause break outs, and can clear inflammation.

The antioxidants in the AcneZine program supplements and external cream can also lessen if not completely heal acne scars! Acne Zine’s website is exceptionally user friendly with very good information on the causes and treatments of acne as well as helpful hints for acne sufferers. One thing that is very helpful is the list of ingredients.

Not only does AcneZine list their ingredients, they give a definition and use for each ingredient. This is not common and a factor that weighs heavily in Acne Zine’s favor. Along with the ingredients list, AcneZine lists references for their statements concerning their herbs in various scientific journals.

AcneZine's advantage is that it packs value. A two month supply of both internal herbal capsules and external scar healing creams is only $59.99 with a full money back guarantee.

AcneZine offers a six month money back guarantee as well as reporting that most people only need three months on the full treatment program and then just need supplements as needed a couple of times a year. Between the research, the all natural ingredients, and the money back guarantee, AcneZine is a safe bet scoring 8.20 out of 10 in 2007.

Cost: $30 per month

Effectivness: 9/10

Natural Ingredients Used: 7/10

User Reviews and Research: 10/10

Money-Back Guarantee: 10/10 (6 month money-back guarantee)

Overall Score For AcneZine: 8.20/10

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