Acne Skin Care Products - Tips for Buying

Acne Skin Care Products - Tips for Buying

It is only the acne sufferers like me who realize the difficulty that lies in choosing the right acne skin care product to treat their acne problem. I have found many products available in the market today that claim to cure acne. I have found out that it is up to the buyer to find out which is the best product for their acne problem by doing some research prior to buying it.

Quick Reference of Top Ratings

#1 Clear Pores - 8.88 out of 10. A combination therapy.

#2 AcneZine - 8.2 out of 10. A combination therapy.

#3 AcnEase - 7.55 out of 10. A Traditional Chinese based treatment.

#4 ZenMed - 7.37 out of 10. A combination treatment.

The important points I suggest you to remember when buying acne products are:

* You have to know your skin type to ensure you buy the right skin product. People with oily skin need a gel based product while those with dry skin have to use a cream. If you have combination skin, then you have to buy the product according to the type of skin that has the acne problem.

* If you choose creams, make sure they are not harsh but soothing for the skin. So read labels thoroughly before buying the product.

* If you have painful acne, then it is better to not use any acne product. Instead, some anti-inflammatory medication has to be taken so that the inflammation and pain reduces. Medication like ibuprofen is usually prescribed for this condition. Always consult your doctor before taking any medication to ensure that you get the right prescription or medicine for your type of acne.

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