Acne Scars Insight - A Deeper Insight

Acne Scars Insight - A Deeper Insight:

As mentioned in the previous blog, acne scars accompany an acne attack. Seldom does one escape an acne attack without life long acne scars. Though a few types of acne scars were mentioned in the previous blog, here is information about a few more types of acne scars that many people suffer from.

The follicular macular atrophy form of scars looks small and is rather soft to touch. They look like whiteheads and usually occur on the chest and back of a person. These kinds of acne scars usually take a long time for development.

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The deep and superficial soft scars are acne scars having sloping edges that are variable in size, and merges with the normal skin of a person on its own. There are some acne scars that develop with the build up of collagen in the skin. Such acne scars are called increased tissue formation scars. There are basically two types of such acne scars; hypertrophic scars and keloid scars.

The hypertrophic scars are more common in young people having dark complexion. Some people suffer from an inherited tendency for these scars which cannot be completely prevented.

In the case of keloid scars, it is formed on any part of the body including the shoulders and upper chest. This again is a type of acne scar that is common in dark skinned people.

So it can be seen that there are different forms of acne scarring, affecting different kinds of people. Though most of these acne scars can be prevented and treated, only a few types of acne scars can neither be prevented nor treated.

Whatever type of acne scars you suffer from, it is always better to get a dermatologist’s consultation to determine the type of acne scarring you suffer from and how to prevent and treat it.

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