Various Acne Scar Treatments and Surgeries

Acne scarring is one of the most disturbing aspects of suffering from acne. It is one thing to just be plagued by the unattractive pustules and infections, but it is another to be permanently disfigured from the formation of acne scar tissue, especially when it is on your face.

There are various acne scar treatments ranging from natural supplements such as zinc, to acne laser treatment, to acne surgery. Below are articles written on various acne scar treatments researched through clinical studies and medical publications.

Remove Acne Scars With Microdermabraison
Microdermabrasion is basically a skin rejuvenation procedure for acne scar removal. However study and research is still going on to determine its efficacy in acne scar removal.

Acid Scar Treatment for Acne
This method of acne scar surgery is generally suggested for the dark complexioned patients suffering from acne. This cannot be considered to be actually a form of surgery, as there are no incisions to be made or any surgery to be done. However it has been proven to be an effective form of acne scar removal.

Laser Surgery for Acne (With Light Skin)
Acne laser surgery can be very effective in reducing the appearance of acne scarring. This article explains a popular method for laser treatment for people with light colored skin.

Acne Laser Treatment: The Resurfacing and Shoulder Technique
However, with acne laser treatments, its cutting methods have to be adjusted according to the depth and the pattern of the scar it is to remove. The mildly depressed scars are treated with even depth resurfacing.The shoulder technique is used for the acne scars of moderate depth while the deepest and ice-picked scars need a combination of laser resurfacing and laser punch out.

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