Acne Scar Thermotherapy Treatment

The use of acne scar thermotherapy treatment in moderate to severe active acne vulgaris:

Most people in adolescence suffer from acne vulgaris which may occur as small attacks or bad cases where there is acne suffering. This acne scarring proves to be a source of psychological problem to many people. And this is why people turn to effective acne scar surgeries to get rid of these acne scars.

One of the latest forms of acne scar surgeries, that is still under research is the use of radiofrequency as an energy source in producing volumetric acne scar thermotherapy tissue heating. Here deep dermal heat is used to treat cases of moderate to severe active acne vulgaris. In this process, the epidermis is spared wherin there is no down time on the procedure, and there is no need of any postoperative care.

A study was conducted on both men and women in the age group of 16 to 28 who were suffering from moderate to severe cases of acne scarring due to cystic and active acne vulgaris. A few of the patients were on concomitant medical treatment like oral antibiotics and topical agents.

All the patients were treated with a nonablative radiofrequency unit which spares the epidermal with its concomitant spray of cryogen. Most patients underwent only one session while a few had two sessions. The patients had to undergo follow up care after the procedure, which lasted between one to eight months. The response and success of the acne scar thermotherapy was evaluated through patient questionnaires and the count of active acne lesions.

The results of these studies showed excellent response in most patients while a few patients expereinced moderate or no response at all. There were no side effects on any of these patients and neither was there any down time seen from the procedure. The only form of anesthesia used during the procedure was topical anesthesia.

So it can now be concluded that nonablative radiofrequency is a acne scar thermotherapy treatment that can be used to clear moderate to severe acne vulgaris. Research is still taking place here to determine the treatment modality in numerous patients.

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