Acne Scar Surgery: The 3 Step Treatment

The concept of using a three-staged operation in acne scar surgery:

When a person suffers from acne, there is sure to be some scars on the face once the acne bout has terminated. These acne scars come in numerous forms, where there is no single, fixed treatment that is effective in removing acne scars. And in a bid to remove these scars, many people turn to acne scar surgery.

There are numerous types of acne scar surgeries available today, of which one of them is the three staged operation. This is a form of surgery that is based on the principle that acne scars cannot be corrected only with a single treatment modality because of their varying depths and widths. It is instead suggested to use the three staged operation in a bid to eliminate acne scars.

With this method, the dermatologist first resorts to focal chemical peeling in the patients to remove the superficial marks of acne. Next in line is treating the patient to carbon dioxide laser, scar excision and punch grafting. With this, most of the acne scars, including deep scars, would have been removed. The last step in the three staged operation is dermabrasion is resorted to for the removal of the remaining scars on the patient.

Unlike all other methods of acne scar surgeries, this three stage operation for the removal of acne scars proves to be very effective as it produces excellent or good results on the patients. Patients who have undergone this acne scar surgery find their faces to be completely rid of all those acne scars they were so used to seeing.

With the three stage operation, there is follow up periods which the patient has to attend, and with this, there was a great improvement in the patient. The number of focal chemical peeling procedures was increased with the progression of the three staged operation. so on looking at the results of the three stage operation, it is proven that the three stage operation is very effective in the treatment of acne scars in patients suffering from various forms of acne scars.

Journal: J Am Acad Dermatol. 1999 Jan;40(1):95-7.

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