Acne Retinoid Treatments

The most common use of acne retinoid treatment is in combinaiton with prescription anti-biotics.There has been some speculation on the use of anti-biotic agents to treat inflammatory acne. There are numerous drugs that have been found to be effective when used as topical or systematic therapy for acne. These drugs are usually with a combination of benzoyl peroxide or some retinoid.

It has been found out that it is the propionibacerium acnes that have high in vitro sensitivity to a range of antimicrobials that include erythromycin, doxycycline, ofloxacin, ampilicilin, cephalaxen, gentamycin, minocycline and tetracycline. However unfortunately, not all these drugs can effectively penetrate lipid filled micromedo and the reducing numbers of P.acnes found in the skin. In addition to this, there is the possibility of antimicrobial therapy, which includes systematic treatment, to lead to complications with potential drug to drug interactions.

There has always been the fear of the reduced effectiveness of oral contraceptives when using antimicrobials in treating acne. However there has been some evidence found to suggest that there is no such interaction being treated with antimicrobials that are used for dermatological practices. Another reason for the complications with using antimicrobial therapy for acne is the emergence of numerous strains of P. acne that are resistant to antibiotics.

And it is mainly for this that there is now a judicious use of dermatologists suggesting the use of retinoid with antibiotics, with the intention of reducing inflammation and infection due to acne. In addition to reducing the symptoms of acne, retinoid are also used in maintenance therapy against acne.

This is because retinoid have comedolytic and anti-inflammatory effects which has no impact on P. acnes. So when antibiotics and topical retinoid are used for treating acne, the retinoid helps in enhancing the penetration of antibiotics through increased microcomedonal extrusion.However when selecting the right combination, it is better for one to consider the efficiency, cost and likelihood of compliance of the two medications. Topical retinoid have not only been effective in reducing inflammatory lesions but also in clearing up lesions by clearing them more rapidly than only with antimicrobial therapy alone.

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