The Acne No More Ebook: A Diet Program and Education

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There is a movement away from traditional medicines these days and towards holistic medicine and more natural lifestyles. For those seeking a way to cure their acne without expensive pills or skin care regimens, Acne No More’s e-book may hold the key.

Acne No More promises to permanently clear up acne through a unique holistic seven-layer approach that works from the inside out.

Each step works to balance hormones, help toxin elimination, and regulate the system through diet and lifestyle changes. To further sweeten the offer, Acne No More buyers receive four free e-books about holistic healing as well as free lifetime updates on the system and one year’s worth free counseling with the system’s creator. The counseling is done by email and answers are promised within twenty-four hours. This is a wonderful bonus that overshadows the four free e-books.

Acne No More’s cost is a definite plus with the e-book and bonuses coming in at $39.97.

There are numerous testimonials on the web site and the researcher claims to be a holistic medicine expert and medical researcher for many years. Unfortunately, despite the constant claims of success, Acne No More gives little information beyond the testimonials.

On the plus side, the Acne No Moredoes offer a two-month, money back guarantee. If you do not permanently clear up your acne problems, you will receive your money back without question.

While Acne No More offers little in the way of scientific evidence on the web site, it can not hurt to try the system given the two month money back guarantee. There is no maintenance product to buy, only the initial payment for the book. Plus, Acne No More claims to treat the internal problems that cause acne in a natural and safe way.

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