Acne Laser Treatments

Try acne laser treatment to eliminate acne scars:

There are numerous procedures that are used for acne scar removal, where nothing is considered to be the best procedure. Of all the procedures, it is however better to try a laser punch out as this is an acne scar removal procedure that proves to be rather effective in removing acne scars. This is a better option than chemical peeling and dermabrasion to many acne sufferers.

It is because of its precision with depth control and surface cutting that acne laser treatment is considered to be an effective and safe procedure for the removal of acne scars. However, with acne laser treatments, its cutting methods have to be adjusted according to the depth and the pattern of the scar it is to remove. The mildly depressed scars are treated with even depth resurfacing.

The shoulder technique is used for the acne scars of moderate depth while the deepest and ice-picked scars need a combination of laser resurfacing and laser punch out. Here resurfacing is done for two to five passes while laser punch out uses three to seven passes on the ice-picked scar. After this, you can find more than 80% improvement in the ice picked scars and the fading out of the demarcated margin of the acne.

With this form of acne scar surgery, usually one acne laser treatment is sufficient. The second laser treatment may be required in occasional patients after perhaps twelve months. After laser resurfacing, there will be no hypertrophic scars remaining; however there may be some erythema which will last for three to twelve months.

When opting for acne laser treatment resurfacing, patients on oral retinoic acid have to take special care as their skin is atrophic which delays the healing of wounds. So it can be seen that laser resurfacing is a great acne scar surgery option for you with the high powered CO2 laser it uses. If deep acne scars have to be improved, then you could opt for laser punch out method; and on combining it with the shoulder technique it can effectively remove deep acne scars.

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There are different kinds of acne treatments in accordance with the nature of skin and acne of the acne sufferers. Now-a-days, the dermatologists use the latest technology of solving the acne problems with the help of acne treatment laser. The laser technology is used for the effective scar treatment with the acne scar surgery option.

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