Acne Hormonal Treatment For Women

Acne hormonal treatment for women with difficult acne:

Women suffering from acne tend to face a much more emotional and psychological problem on their looks because of acne scarring. This is why women who suffer from acne not only take a combination of comedolytics, antibacterial topical agents, anti-inflammatory and if required, oral antibiotics or retinoid, but also hormonal therapy is considered to be a preferable option for women.

Acne hormonal treatment is best for women who find that their acne problem does not respond to conventional treatment or if there still are signs of endocrine abnormalities present in the woman. Most oral contraceptives are made of either progestin alone or as a combination drug of estrogen and progestin where ethinyl etradiol is used as estrogen in lowering the levels of lutenizing hormone while increasing the sex hormone binding globulin. With this, the level of testosterone is reduced, which in turn reduces the drive of oil glands that produce the excess oil that starts acne.

Women with acne have normal levels of testosterone while it is lowered with women on OCs. In such cases, women having an attack of acne find that their acne gets improved when the testosterone levels in the body is reduced by taking the OC pill. There are different forms of progestin in OCs, with different functions. The best pills to be used for treating acne are those pills that produce little or no androgens. Even the pills that block androgen production can be used.

With the reduction of androgen hormones in the sebaceous glands, OCs are very effective in reducing the amount of oil that the glands produce. With this, the pores are less likely to get blocked, and lead to acne. So it can be said that women suffering from mild to minimal acne, and need some form of contraception will find this form of acne hormone treatment beneficial to them in both ways.

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